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Decision making 5 Tips - summary

Here is a short summary of how to improve your decision making skills using these expert tips from Trent Moy, Director of Halide Pty Ltd.  As a strategic marketing specialist, these tips have definitely helped me fine tune my strategic decision making ability.  Let us know how you are getting along applying these skills in your decision making.  If you need a more detailed refresher on each decision making tip, we have the entire 5 week series on the News page. Or click on the link for each week below.

Week One – Tip 1: Recognise your Gut Feel then put it aside

Week Two – Tip 2: Separate the facts from the assumptions

Week Three – Top 3: Is it a problem or a conflict?

Week Four – Tip 4: Develop more than one solution

Week Five – Tip 5: test your decision before taking action

5 Top tips to improve your decision making in ONE short summary!

Tip 1 – Recognise your gut-feel… then put it aside for the moment.  Gut-feel or intuition is an important part of how we operate but it can be so powerful that it prevents us from thinking clearly.

Tip 2 – Separate the facts from the assumptions.  You can’t run a business or get through life without making some assumptions but make sure you ‘label’ those assumptions correctly and don’t confuse them with ‘facts’.  Be open to changing your assumptions when new or better information comes along.

Tip 3 – Is it a problem or a conflict?  Problems can be solved with logic but often what we face in business are emotional conflicts.  Acknowledge and ‘speak to their values’ before their logical brain.  When emotions are driven by ‘values’ and people use words like ‘honesty’, ‘trust’, ‘loyalty’, ‘fairness’, don’t be surprised if your attempts at logical problem-solving and ultimately decision making get rejected.

Tip 4 – Develop more than one solution.  Avoid the temptation to stop thinking when you get to the first acceptable solution in decision making.  Keep thinking until you generate several different options and ask how each of them can be turned into the ‘best’ solution.

Tip 5 – Test your decision before taking action.  See if you can test your best and second-best options before locking them in.  

Want more info on decision making in your business, email Trent trent.moy@halide.com.au or comment below.  Next week we’ll provide a short summary.  Let us know how you are getting along applying these skills for better decision making.ONE

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About Trent Moy

Trent Moy, the founding Principal of Halide is a business consultant that specialises in decision making and leadership skills.  He is an independent adviser on ethics and on how businesses can achieve better social and environmental outcomes. Trent has over 25 years of expertise in senior management roles, ethics and building motivating cultures.


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