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About us

It is our vision to see every local
small business grow and thrive

We aim to create positive relationships with our clients by providing marketing services that are simple, relevant and actionable. We provide affordable, no-gimmick solutions that achieve results.

In a digital world, we’re people focused first.  We like to work face 2 face because we see ourselves as being part of your team (whether you need us for a bit…or a bit longer).

We’re committed to growing your business, getting results, and helping you gain new marketing knowledge along the way.

Lack of planning is one of the top reasons why small business fail.


Founder of Look Deeper Marketing

I love doing marketing strategy and planning. Over the years, I’ve met many small business owners who don’t!

It’s concerning to listen to these owners put-off their marketing because they aren’t sure:

  • How the marketing world works;
  • How to plan; or
  • Where to spend their money effectively.

(Eye twitching, brow sweating and feet shuffling are common during this marketing chat).

I’ve met small business owners who have felt overwhelmed, lost with the jargon and struggling with little or no planning. Some, brave business owners admitted they are just scrapping by.

AS little aS ONLY 2% SURVIVE 10 YEARS!!!

Marketing Workshops
Small Business marketing partner

My business goal?
To see YOU achieve YOURS.


Want to know more about my experience? Check out my LinkedIn Profile and connect with me.

With over 20 years experience, in ALL aspects of marketing, I knew I could help small business.

I’ve generated millions of dollars working for global financial services companies, in Australia and UK. My marketing experience has predominantly focused around new business – whether that be revamping a newly acquired business or marketing and planning for a start-up.

I’ve also been a small business owner for over ten years – as a successful house flipper.  Here, the underlying business issue was the same as with big corporates: take an idea (or an old house) and make it better! I can make the marketing of your business better too!

I started Look Deeper Marketing to help small business make their business better by bringing experienced marketing consultancy to local, small business – without the big city consultant price tag.

Thanks for your interest in Look Deeper Marketing.  Let us LOOK for the opportunities and deliver profitable results for you.

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