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One-Page Marketing Plan Template and Guide
One-Page Marketing Plan Template and Guide
DIY 5 Question Marketing Strategy
The DIY 5-Question Marketing Strategy to Grow Your Business

Recommended for:

  • Start-Ups wanting the best start for their business
  • Small Businesses who have limited or no marketing experience
  • Small Businesses with no in-house marketing 

Recommended for:

  • Those who have been in business longer than 1-2 years
  • Want to grow their business
  • Have some marketing experience

FRequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of free resources available to help you with your marketing but it all takes time, effort and energy, which you may not have. You can book a FREE One-hour session with us and we can show you how our 25+ years marketing experience will help you navigate the maze.

You are a small business owner and now a marketer along with your ‘day’ job. It’s tough! You can continue to procrastinate and look at funny dog videos or together we can brainstorm a list of content ideas that will keep you busy for months. Call us for a ONE-hour FREE consultation

This is a common problem for every small business owner. Consider your options: outsource, automate, one-on-one training. Weigh up the opportunity costs (what else could I be doing right now that I prefer, that I enjoy, that I’m good at…that brings in money!) Book a ONE-hour FREE call and see how Look Deeper Marketing can help.

Marketing budget is essential if you want to succeed.  However, there are many low-cost or no-cost marketing channels and options like:

Organic social media and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), podcasts, blogs, videos, webinars, newsletters, PR, networking, collaborations, product promos and discounts, referral program, reviews and testimonials, internal communications.

If you have a budget use it wisely and focus it where your target customers are.

Need to understand where your target customers hang out? Give us a Call to discuss. We offer a FREE one-hour consultation.

Do you know there are over 150 different types of marketing channels? Finding which marketing is the most cost effective and which ones generate the greatest leads, sales and results for your business can be daunting.  You can continue to stumble on, wasting time and money, or you can book a ONE-hour FREE chat with us.

Brand awareness doesn’t happen overnight! Though, there are definitely crazy start up stories.

Instagram reached 1 million users in 2.5 months, LinkedIn about 20 months. It also took LinkedIn over 3 years to become profitable.

Building a brand and a business takes effort and a clear strategy. Research suggests businesses with a defined strategy grow faster.

Focus on finding your target customer, retaining and delighting your customers, delivering a great product at the right price and developing an impressive reputation.

The brand awareness will come.

Need help with focus and planning? Call us for a ONE-hour FREE chat to discuss what your brand can achieve.

Have you ever looked at your product from the eyes of your customer or ask how it is different to your competitors? Would you be ‘surprised and delighted’?

We can show you how to take a deeper look at your product or do a competitor analysis and find unique opportunities to ‘surprise and delight’ your customers. We can also do this work for you, freeing up your valuable time. Call us for a ONE-hour FREE session

We sure can!

You may have already tried To-Do lists, brainstorming and daily action plans that break down your short and long-term objectives.  

But sometimes you need a bit more accountability to keep yourself on track. We offer personal ‘Accountable Mentor Sessions’ specific to your requirements – weekly, monthly or quarterly. Contact us directly to discuss your needs.

A marketing strategy is a big picture, or a game plan for your business to achieve your business goals.  A Marketing strategy answers key, critical questions about your business, your products, or your services.  These are the five simple questions that every good marketing strategy should answer.

1. The What?
2. The Why?
3. The How?
4. The Who?
5. The When? 

We focus on developing a marketing strategy for your business that will find you new opportunities for growth – in the short and long term. Call us to discover how we can develop your marketing strategy during a ONE-hour FREE consultation.

A marketing plan shows the tactical, individual campaigns that you do to achieve your marketing strategy and your business goals. A marketing plan forms PART of the marketing strategy. A marketing plan focuses on The When? It is the detail. 

The detail can vary, but typically you will include these seven key areas into your marketing plan:

1. The type of marketing to be used. 
2. The Target Audience. 
3. The goals or aim of the campaign. 
4. The Key Message to be communicated. 
5. Budget. 
6. Measurement – Key Performance Indicators and results. 
7. Timing – When the campaigns will be carried out

Need help with your marketing plan? Call or email us. We offer a ONE-hour FREE consultation.

Think of a Marketing Strategy a bit like a game of football. All successful football coaches use strategies. Do you want to be a successful business? We’re guessing you do! Be like a successful football coach and lay out your strategy. Let us develop a marketing strategy that will grow your business! Contact us today! We offer a ONE-hour FREE consultation.

We will ask you some questions about your business first to make sure we can maximise your one hour. We will ask you your biggest concerns and problems and where we need to focus the marketing help we give you.

 It depends on the extent of your problems and your marketing requirements. Some of our clients walk away with an action list that solves their problem. We like to be able to give you some actions that you can take away and immediately use in your business. At NO COST to you!

We understand your concerns. We think the same and share similar values because we DON’T like pushy sales afterwards either!

Look Deeper Marketing promise:
No sales push during or after the FREE one-hour consultation and no hounding emails that will only end up in your junk mail. 




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