Got a Marketing Problem?

Are you wasting your marketing spend and your valuable TIME on marketing that gets you zero customers?

Is your small business growing and achieving new levels? 

Does your small business have marketing skills in house? 

Marketing is essential for your small (or medium size) business to grow. That’s why, we make small business marketing affordable and accessible to you, freeing up your valuable time. Think of us as your small business marketing specialists, without the big consultant price tag! 

We focus on marketing strategy and marketing planning first. 

With a clear marketing strategy and plan you will stop wasting your marketing spend and your valuable TIME on marketing that gets you zero customers. 

Our products are clear, simple and importantly, actionable for your business.  Plus we give guidance, help and support when you need it most.


  1. We start by learning and understanding your business, your goals, your challenges. We ask lots of questions.
  2. We’ll take it away – analyse and assess your business. We may ask more questions.
  3. We’ll take it away again – looking for the best opportunities for your small business marketing to grow and improve.
  4. The final stage: Be prepared for a marketing plan of action to drive your business forward.
  5. We can help coach you with your plan of action, or we can connect you with other marketing specialists that will make sure your marketing happens!

All of our packages include follow-up consultation in the price.  Compare our prices and our experience to others.

We provide affordable marketing solutions in Campbelltown, Narellan and Macarthur, supporting local small and medium sized businesses.  

We also work across Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

We offer a ONE-Hour free consultation to discuss marketing problems you may be experiencing and how we can help.

YOU can choose what to use the one-hour for! Perhaps you need to solve a specific marketing issue you currently have or need help creating a social media content plan. Contact Us! It’s a no-obligation chat with no pushy after sales: We promise!

Our Packages


small business marketing Look Deeper Marketing Look Deeper Marketing Just Looking


Take a look at your social media and your marketing

  • Need help with a particular problem?
  • Need help with LinkedIn?
  • Need help managing other social media?

If you are looking for help with your socials or with another marketing problem, we can tailor marketing to suit you. 

If you’re nervous about investing in your marketing, start small.  The “Socials Look” option was designed for you.

Contact us to find out more.

We offer a ONE-Hour free consultation. No strings attached. No pushy after sales. That’s our promise. 

Social media from $249/week +GST (conditions apply)


Look Deeper Marketing The Deeper


Why you need a marketing strategy?

  • To find new customers
  • Keep existing customers
  • Stop wasting budget
  • Answer key problems about your business
  • Provide solutions to problems in your business
  • Achieve your business goals
  • Provides you with a clear plan and direction – now and long term
  • Studies have found businesses with a strategy have a 30% greater chance of success to those businesses that have no strategy in place.

    That doesn’t mean your business won’t succeed without a strategy, but it means you are more likely to be even MORE successful. 

The “Strategy Look” package provides:

A clear plan and direction for your business, greater efficiency and targeted marketing. What to expect:

  • A SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Assessment of opportunities
  • Prioritisation of top 3 opportunities
  • Identify target customers
  • A high level marketing plan
  • Assistance with implementation*

Recommended for every business, especially clients that are time poor, have little marketing knowledge or experience and need support and guidance. For start ups or in any stage of your business growth.

Recommended on an annual basis. *Price includes a two hour follow-up.

$4597 +GST


small business marketing Look Deeper Marketing Look Deeper Marketing The Deep


Why Develop a SWOT Analysis?

  • Looks internally and externally at specific areas of your business
  • Finds new opportunities in your business
  • Takes a deeper look at your business
  • Helps determine if your business is on its correct path
  • Looks at Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats and Opportunities of your business.
  • Effective analysis tool

The “SWOT LOOK” package

What you can expect:

  • SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)
  • Competitor Analysis (we look at your top 6 competitors)

Recommended for clients that already develop their own marketing plan and know their target customer. Good for time-poor small business who want to stay diligent, on track and looking for new opportunities.

Recommended on 6-monthly to an annual basis. Price includes follow-up consultation.

$2297 +GST


small business marketing Look Deeper Marketing Look Deeper Marketing The Look


The “Plan Look” package provides:

  • Short term and long term marketing goals
  • A plan for your marketing

Recommended for clients who have lots of ideas, who know their target customer and competitors but may be overwhelmed with simply too much work! Aim is to focus client’s business ideas and prioritise ideas into a high level plan.

Look Deeper Marketing will develop your plan and help you live and breathe it. Price includes follow-up consultation.

$1897 +GST


Special Offer

Christmas Special Offers

Week 1 Offer – 20% off the “Strategy Look” package. Save over $459

Week 2 Offer – 10% off the “SWOT Look” package. Save over $229.

Week 3 Offer – Get ONE week free on a 3-month social media plan. Save $249.

Week 4 Offer – Receive a bonus TWO hours of follow-up marketing support when you sign up for the “Strategy Look” package. (That’s on top of our standard two hours of follow up consultation). Valued at over $480.


T&C’s apply. Offer valid until 31st Jan 2022. One gift offer per customer.


Highly recommend Leanne and her services at Look Deeper Marketing. She is knowledgeable and passionate about helping small business grow.

I needed help to get my small business up and running effectively and with Look Deeper Marketing I found Leanne’s skilled cost effective marketing was invaluable for customer growth, return on investment and giving me a clear understanding of my target market – lindybelinda books!

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